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4 years ago
(in-package :hunchenhelpers)
(defun hunchenhost (func uri path &optional content-type)
(let ((thing (if (null content-type)
(funcall func uri path)
(funcall func uri path content-type))))
(push thing tbnl:*dispatch-table*)))
(defun host-file (uri path &optional content-type)
(hunchenhost 'tbnl:create-static-file-dispatcher-and-handler uri path content-type))
(defun host-dir (uri path &optional content-type)
(hunchenhost 'tbnl:create-folder-dispatcher-and-handler uri path content-type))
(defmacro handle (method uri content-type params &body body)
"Creates an easy handles for a specific HTTP request method. If the
method provided sent from the client isn't correct, return 404 and
stop processing the request.
(handle :get (uri-fun :uri \"/path/to/page\"/) @content-type (args) (body))"
`(tbnl:define-easy-handler ,uri ,params
(unless (eq ,method (tbnl:request-method*))
(setf (tbnl:return-code*) tbnl:+http-method-not-allowed+)
4 years ago
(setf (tbnl:content-type* tbnl:*reply*) ,content-type)