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(in-package #:hunchenhelpers)
(defclass acceptor (hunchentoot:easy-acceptor)
:address ""
:error-template-directory "/var/www/err/"
:message-log-destination nil
:access-log-destination nil
:document-root nil)
(:documentation "Because I hate writing code"))
;; Stolen from stackoverflow
(defmacro method-path (methods path)
"Expands to a predicate the returns true of the Hunchtoot request
has a SCRIPT-NAME matching the PATH and METHOD in the list of METHODS.
You may pass a single method as a designator for the list containing
only that method."
(declare (type (or keyword list) methods)
(type string path))
`(lambda (request)
(and (member (hunchentoot:request-method* request)
,(if (keywordp methods)
(string= (hunchentoot:script-name* request)
(defmacro handle (request params &body body)
"Creates an easy handles for a specific HTTP request method. If the
method provided sent from the client isn't correct, return 404 and
stop processing the request.
`request' should have a symbol `name', keyword or list of keywords
`method' and a string `uri'. One may also pass keyword arguments
`content-type', a string of the content type returned and list of
`acceptor', hunchentoot acceptor class that should listen for this
`params' are the request parameters of the client
`body' is what is evaluated and returned to the client"
(destructuring-bind (name method uri &key content-type (acceptor t)
&aux (uri (eval uri)))
`(tbnl:define-easy-handler (,name :uri (method-path ,method ,uri)
:acceptor-names (if (eq ,acceptor t) t (list ,acceptor)))
(when ,content-type
(setf (tbnl:content-type* tbnl:*reply*) ,content-type))