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Signed by: C-xC-c
GPG Key ID: F52ED472284EF2F4

@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ extensions to [[][ox-slimhtml]].
Used to publish words I write.
** Installation
You want to clone the repo, cd to it then do ~M-x
You want to [[][clone]] [[][the]] [[][repo]], cd to it then do ~M-x
package-install-file~ on ~ox-plumhtml.el~
** Header IDs
In org-mode you can do something like

@ -89,12 +89,15 @@ Uses <th> for table headers"
(format "<th>%s</th>" contents)
(format "<td>%s</td>" contents)))
(defun ox-plumhtml-code (code contents info)
(defun ox-plumhtml-code (code _contents _info)
(format "<code>%s</code>" (org-html-do-format-code (org-element-property :value code))))
(defun ox-plumhtml-verbatim (verbatim contents info)
(defun ox-plumhtml-verbatim (verbatim _contents _info)
(format "<code>%s</code>" (org-element-property :value verbatim)))
(defun ox-plumhtml-quote-block (_quote-block contents _info)
(format "<blockquote>\n%s</blockquote>" contents))
(defun ox-plumhtml-headline (headline contents info)
(let* ((text (org-export-data (org-element-property :title headline) info))
(level (org-export-get-relative-level headline info))
@ -163,7 +166,8 @@ INFO is a plist holding contextual information."
(code . ox-plumhtml-code)
(verbatim . ox-plumhtml-verbatim)
(headline . ox-plumhtml-headline)
(link . ox-plumhtml-link)))
(link . ox-plumhtml-link)
(quote-block . ox-plumhtml-quote-block)))
(defun ox-plumhtml-publish-to-html (plist filename pub-dir)