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* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
* The Original Code is Copyright (C) 2007 by Janne Karhu.
* All rights reserved.
* Adaptive time step
* Classical SPH
* Copyright 2011-2012 AutoCRC
#ifndef __BKE_PARTICLE_H__
#define __BKE_PARTICLE_H__
/** \file
* \ingroup bke
#include "BLI_buffer.h"
#include "BLI_utildefines.h"
#include "DNA_object_types.h"
#include "DNA_particle_types.h"
#include "BKE_customdata.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct ParticleKey;
struct ParticleSettings;
struct ParticleSystem;
struct ParticleSystemModifierData;
struct BVHTreeRay;
struct BVHTreeRayHit;
struct CustomData_MeshMasks;
struct Depsgraph;
struct EdgeHash;
struct KDTree_3d;
struct LatticeDeformData;
struct LinkNode;
struct MCol;
struct MFace;
struct MTFace;
struct MVert;
struct Main;
struct ModifierData;
struct Object;
struct RNG;
struct Scene;
#define PARTICLE_P \
ParticleData *pa; \
int p
#define LOOP_PARTICLES for (p = 0, pa = psys->particles; p < psys->totpart; p++, pa++)
for (p = 0, pa = psys->particles; p < psys->totpart; p++, pa++) \
if (!(pa->flag & PARS_UNEXIST))
for (p = 0, pa = psys->particles; p < psys->totpart; p++, pa++) \
if (!(pa->flag & (PARS_UNEXIST | PARS_NO_DISP)))
/* OpenMP: Can only advance one variable within loop definition. */
for (p = 0; p < psys->totpart; p++) \
if ((pa = psys->particles + p)->state.time > 0.0f)
/* fast but sure way to get the modifier*/
ParticleSystemModifierData *psmd = sim->psmd ? sim->psmd : psys_get_modifier(sim->ob, sim->psys)
/* common stuff that many particle functions need */
typedef struct ParticleSimulationData {
struct Depsgraph *depsgraph;
struct Scene *scene;
struct Object *ob;
struct ParticleSystem *psys;
struct ParticleSystemModifierData *psmd;
struct ListBase *colliders;
/* Courant number. This is used to implement an adaptive time step. Only the
* maximum value per time step is important. Only sph_integrate makes use of
* this at the moment. Other solvers could, too. */
float courant_num;
/* Only valid during dynamics_step(). */
struct RNG *rng;
} ParticleSimulationData;
typedef struct SPHData {
ParticleSystem *psys[10];
ParticleData *pa;
float mass;
struct EdgeHash *eh;
float *gravity;
float hfac;
/* Average distance to neighbors (other particles in the support domain),
* for calculating the Courant number (adaptive time step). */
int pass;
float element_size;
float flow[3];
/* Temporary thread-local buffer for springs created during this step. */
BLI_Buffer new_springs;
/* Integrator callbacks. This allows different SPH implementations. */
void (*force_cb)(void *sphdata_v, ParticleKey *state, float *force, float *impulse);
void (*density_cb)(void *rangedata_v, int index, const float co[3], float squared_dist);
} SPHData;
typedef struct ParticleTexture {
float ivel; /* used in reset */
float time, life, exist, size; /* used in init */
float damp, gravity, field; /* used in physics */
float length, clump, kink_freq, kink_amp, effector; /* used in path caching */
float rough1, rough2, roughe; /* used in path caching */
float twist; /* used in path caching */
} ParticleTexture;
typedef struct ParticleSeam {
float v0[3], v1[3];
float nor[3], dir[3], tan[3];
float length2;
} ParticleSeam;
typedef struct ParticleCacheKey {
float co[3];
float vel[3];
float rot[4];
float col[3];
float time;
int segments;
} ParticleCacheKey;
typedef struct ParticleThreadContext {
/* shared */
struct ParticleSimulationData sim;
struct Mesh *mesh;
struct Material *ma;
/* distribution */
struct KDTree_3d *tree;
struct ParticleSeam *seams;
int totseam;
float *jit, *jitoff, *weight;
float maxweight;
int *index, jitlevel;
int cfrom, distr;
struct ParticleData *tpars;
/* path caching */
bool editupdate;
int between, segments, extra_segments;
int totchild, totparent, parent_pass;
float cfra;
float *vg_length, *vg_clump, *vg_kink;
float *vg_rough1, *vg_rough2, *vg_roughe;
float *vg_effector;
float *vg_twist;
struct CurveMapping *clumpcurve;
struct CurveMapping *roughcurve;
struct CurveMapping *twistcurve;
} ParticleThreadContext;
typedef struct ParticleTask {
ParticleThreadContext *ctx;
struct RNG *rng, *rng_path;
int begin, end;
} ParticleTask;
typedef struct ParticleCollisionElement {
/* pointers to original data */
float *x[3], *v[3];
/* values interpolated from original data*/
float x0[3], x1[3], x2[3], p[3];
/* results for found intersection point */
float nor[3], vel[3], uv[2];
/* count of original data (1-4) */
int tot;
/* index of the collision face */
int index;
/* flags for inversed normal / particle already inside element at start */
short inv_nor, inside;
} ParticleCollisionElement;
/** Container for moving data between deflet_particle and particle_intersect_face. */
typedef struct ParticleCollision {
struct Object *current;
struct Object *hit;
struct Object *emitter;
/** Collision modifier for current object. */
struct CollisionModifierData *md;
/** Time factor of previous collision, needed for subtracting face velocity. */
float f;
float fac1, fac2;
float cfra, old_cfra;
/** Original length of co2-co1, needed for collision time evaluation. */
float original_ray_length;
int skip_count;
ParticleCollisionElement pce;
/* total_time is the amount of time in this subframe
* inv_total_time is the opposite
* inv_timestep is the inverse of the amount of time in this frame */
float total_time, inv_total_time, inv_timestep;
float radius;
float co1[3], co2[3];
float ve1[3], ve2[3];
float acc[3], boid_z;
int boid;
} ParticleCollision;
typedef struct ParticleDrawData {
float *vdata, *vd; /* vertice data */
float *ndata, *nd; /* normal data */
float *cdata, *cd; /* color data */
float *vedata, *ved; /* velocity data */
float *ma_col;
int totpart, partsize;
int flag;
int totpoint, totve;
} ParticleDrawData;
#define PSYS_FRAND_COUNT 1024
void psys_init_rng(void);
BLI_INLINE float psys_frand(ParticleSystem *psys, unsigned int seed)
/* XXX far from ideal, this simply scrambles particle random numbers a bit
* to avoid obvious correlations.
* Can't use previous psys->frand arrays because these require initialization
* inside psys_check_enabled, which wreaks havoc in multi-threaded depsgraph updates.
unsigned int offset = PSYS_FRAND_SEED_OFFSET[psys->seed % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
unsigned int multiplier = PSYS_FRAND_SEED_MULTIPLIER[psys->seed % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
return PSYS_FRAND_BASE[(offset + seed * multiplier) % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
BLI_INLINE void psys_frand_vec(ParticleSystem *psys, unsigned int seed, float vec[3])
unsigned int offset = PSYS_FRAND_SEED_OFFSET[psys->seed % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
unsigned int multiplier = PSYS_FRAND_SEED_MULTIPLIER[psys->seed % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
vec[0] = PSYS_FRAND_BASE[(offset + (seed + 0) * multiplier) % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
vec[1] = PSYS_FRAND_BASE[(offset + (seed + 1) * multiplier) % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
vec[2] = PSYS_FRAND_BASE[(offset + (seed + 2) * multiplier) % PSYS_FRAND_COUNT];
/* ----------- functions needed outside particlesystem ---------------- */
/* particle.c */
int count_particles(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
int count_particles_mod(struct ParticleSystem *psys, int totgr, int cur);
int psys_get_child_number(struct Scene *scene,
struct ParticleSystem *psys,
const bool use_render_params);
int psys_get_tot_child(struct Scene *scene,
struct ParticleSystem *psys,
const bool use_render_params);
struct ParticleSystem *psys_get_current(struct Object *ob);
/* for rna */
short psys_get_current_num(struct Object *ob);
void psys_set_current_num(Object *ob, int index);
/* UNUSED */
// struct Object *psys_find_object(struct Scene *scene, struct ParticleSystem *psys);
struct LatticeDeformData *psys_create_lattice_deform_data(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim);
/* For a given evaluated particle system get its original.
* If this input is an original particle system already, the return value is the
* same as the input. */
struct ParticleSystem *psys_orig_get(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
/* For a given original object and its particle system, get evaluated particle
* system within a given dependency graph. */
struct ParticleSystem *psys_eval_get(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct Object *object,
struct ParticleSystem *psys);
bool psys_in_edit_mode(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph, const struct ParticleSystem *psys);
bool psys_check_enabled(struct Object *ob,
struct ParticleSystem *psys,
const bool use_render_params);
bool psys_check_edited(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_find_group_weights(struct ParticleSettings *part);
void psys_check_group_weights(struct ParticleSettings *part);
int psys_uses_gravity(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim);
void BKE_particlesettings_fluid_default_settings(struct ParticleSettings *part);
/* free */
void psys_free_path_cache(struct ParticleSystem *psys, struct PTCacheEdit *edit);
void psys_free(struct Object *ob, struct ParticleSystem *psys);
/* Copy. */
void psys_copy_particles(struct ParticleSystem *psys_dst, struct ParticleSystem *psys_src);
bool psys_render_simplify_params(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
float *params);
void psys_interpolate_uvs(const struct MTFace *tface, int quad, const float w[4], float uvco[2]);
void psys_interpolate_mcol(const struct MCol *mcol, int quad, const float w[4], struct MCol *mc);
void copy_particle_key(struct ParticleKey *to, struct ParticleKey *from, int time);
void psys_emitter_customdata_mask(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct CustomData_MeshMasks *r_cddata_masks);
void psys_particle_on_emitter(struct ParticleSystemModifierData *psmd,
int distr,
int index,
int index_dmcache,
float fuv[4],
float foffset,
float vec[3],
float nor[3],
float utan[3],
float vtan[3],
float orco[3]);
struct ParticleSystemModifierData *psys_get_modifier(struct Object *ob,
struct ParticleSystem *psys);
struct ModifierData *object_add_particle_system(struct Main *bmain,
struct Scene *scene,
struct Object *ob,
const char *name);
struct ModifierData *object_copy_particle_system(struct Main *bmain,
struct Scene *scene,
struct Object *ob,
const struct ParticleSystem *psys_orig);
void object_remove_particle_system(struct Main *bmain, struct Scene *scene, struct Object *ob);
struct ParticleSettings *BKE_particlesettings_add(struct Main *bmain, const char *name);
struct ParticleSettings *BKE_particlesettings_copy(struct Main *bmain,
const struct ParticleSettings *part);
void psys_reset(struct ParticleSystem *psys, int mode);
void psys_find_parents(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim, const bool use_render_params);
void psys_unique_name(struct Object *object, struct ParticleSystem *psys, const char *defname);
void psys_cache_paths(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
float cfra,
const bool use_render_params);
void psys_cache_edit_paths(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct Scene *scene,
struct Object *ob,
struct PTCacheEdit *edit,
float cfra,
const bool use_render_params);
void psys_cache_child_paths(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
float cfra,
const bool editupdate,
const bool use_render_params);
int do_guides(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct ParticleSettings *part,
struct ListBase *effectors,
ParticleKey *state,
int pa_num,
float time);
void precalc_guides(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim, struct ListBase *effectors);
float psys_get_timestep(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim);
float psys_get_child_time(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
float cfra,
float *birthtime,
float *dietime);
float psys_get_child_size(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
float cfra,
float *pa_time);
void psys_get_particle_on_path(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
int pa_num,
struct ParticleKey *state,
const bool vel);
int psys_get_particle_state(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
int p,
struct ParticleKey *state,
int always);
/* child paths */
void BKE_particlesettings_clump_curve_init(struct ParticleSettings *part);
void BKE_particlesettings_rough_curve_init(struct ParticleSettings *part);
void BKE_particlesettings_twist_curve_init(struct ParticleSettings *part);
void psys_apply_child_modifiers(struct ParticleThreadContext *ctx,
struct ListBase *modifiers,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
struct ParticleTexture *ptex,
const float orco[3],
float hairmat[4][4],
struct ParticleCacheKey *keys,
struct ParticleCacheKey *parent_keys,
const float parent_orco[3]);
void psys_sph_init(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim, struct SPHData *sphdata);
void psys_sph_finalize(struct SPHData *sphdata);
void psys_sph_density(struct BVHTree *tree, struct SPHData *data, float co[3], float vars[2]);
/* for anim.c */
void psys_get_dupli_texture(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct ParticleSettings *part,
struct ParticleSystemModifierData *psmd,
struct ParticleData *pa,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
float uv[2],
float orco[3]);
void psys_get_dupli_path_transform(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
struct ParticleData *pa,
struct ChildParticle *cpa,
struct ParticleCacheKey *cache,
float mat[4][4],
float *scale);
void psys_thread_context_init(struct ParticleThreadContext *ctx,
struct ParticleSimulationData *sim);
void psys_thread_context_free(struct ParticleThreadContext *ctx);
void psys_tasks_create(struct ParticleThreadContext *ctx,
int startpart,
int endpart,
struct ParticleTask **r_tasks,
int *r_numtasks);
void psys_tasks_free(struct ParticleTask *tasks, int numtasks);
void psys_apply_hair_lattice(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct Scene *scene,
struct Object *ob,
struct ParticleSystem *psys);
/* particle_system.c */
struct ParticleSystem *psys_get_target_system(struct Object *ob, struct ParticleTarget *pt);
void psys_count_keyed_targets(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim);
void psys_update_particle_tree(struct ParticleSystem *psys, float cfra);
void psys_changed_type(struct Object *ob, struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_make_temp_pointcache(struct Object *ob, struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_get_pointcache_start_end(struct Scene *scene,
ParticleSystem *psys,
int *sfra,
int *efra);
void psys_check_boid_data(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_get_birth_coords(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
struct ParticleData *pa,
struct ParticleKey *state,
float dtime,
float cfra);
void particle_system_update(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct Scene *scene,
struct Object *ob,
struct ParticleSystem *psys,
const bool use_render_params);
/* Callback format for performing operations on ID-pointers for particle systems */
typedef void (*ParticleSystemIDFunc)(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
struct ID **idpoin,
void *userdata,
int cb_flag);
void BKE_particlesystem_id_loop(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
ParticleSystemIDFunc func,
void *userdata);
/* Reset all particle systems in the given object. */
void BKE_particlesystem_reset_all(struct Object *object);
/* ----------- functions needed only inside particlesystem ------------ */
/* particle.c */
void psys_disable_all(struct Object *ob);
void psys_enable_all(struct Object *ob);
void free_hair(struct Object *ob, struct ParticleSystem *psys, int dynamics);
void free_keyed_keys(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_free_particles(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_free_children(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
void psys_interpolate_particle(
short type, struct ParticleKey keys[4], float dt, struct ParticleKey *result, bool velocity);
void psys_vec_rot_to_face(struct Mesh *mesh, struct ParticleData *pa, float vec[3]);
void psys_mat_hair_to_object(struct Object *ob,
struct Mesh *mesh,
short from,
struct ParticleData *pa,
float hairmat[4][4]);
void psys_mat_hair_to_global(struct Object *ob,
struct Mesh *mesh,
short from,
struct ParticleData *pa,
float hairmat[4][4]);
void psys_mat_hair_to_orco(struct Object *ob,
struct Mesh *mesh,
short from,
struct ParticleData *pa,
float hairmat[4][4]);
float psys_get_dietime_from_cache(struct PointCache *cache, int index);
void psys_free_pdd(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
float *psys_cache_vgroup(struct Mesh *mesh, struct ParticleSystem *psys, int vgroup);
void psys_get_texture(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
struct ParticleData *pa,
struct ParticleTexture *ptex,
int event,
float cfra);
void psys_interpolate_face(struct MVert *mvert,
struct MFace *mface,
struct MTFace *tface,
float (*orcodata)[3],
float w[4],
float vec[3],
float nor[3],
float utan[3],
float vtan[3],
float orco[3]);
float psys_particle_value_from_verts(struct Mesh *mesh,
short from,
struct ParticleData *pa,
float *values);
void psys_get_from_key(
struct ParticleKey *key, float loc[3], float vel[3], float rot[4], float *time);
/* BLI_bvhtree_ray_cast callback */
void BKE_psys_collision_neartest_cb(void *userdata,
int index,
const struct BVHTreeRay *ray,
struct BVHTreeRayHit *hit);
void psys_particle_on_dm(struct Mesh *mesh_final,
int from,
int index,
int index_dmcache,
const float fw[4],
float foffset,
float vec[3],
float nor[3],
float utan[3],
float vtan[3],
float orco[3]);
/* particle_system.c */
void distribute_particles(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim, int from);
void initialize_particle(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim, struct ParticleData *pa);
void psys_calc_dmcache(struct Object *ob,
struct Mesh *mesh_final,
struct Mesh *mesh_original,
struct ParticleSystem *psys);
int psys_particle_dm_face_lookup(struct Mesh *mesh_final,
struct Mesh *mesh_original,
int findex,
const float fw[4],
struct LinkNode **poly_nodes);
void reset_particle(struct ParticleSimulationData *sim,
struct ParticleData *pa,
float dtime,
float cfra);
float psys_get_current_display_percentage(struct ParticleSystem *psys,
const bool use_render_params);
/* psys_reset */
#define PSYS_RESET_ALL 1
/* #define PSYS_RESET_CHILDREN 3 */ /*UNUSED*/
/* index_dmcache */
/* **** Depsgraph evaluation **** */
struct Depsgraph;
void BKE_particle_settings_eval_reset(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph,
struct ParticleSettings *particle_settings);
void BKE_particle_system_eval_init(struct Depsgraph *depsgraph, struct Object *object);
/* Draw Cache */
enum {
void BKE_particle_batch_cache_dirty_tag(struct ParticleSystem *psys, int mode);
void BKE_particle_batch_cache_free(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
extern void (*BKE_particle_batch_cache_dirty_tag_cb)(struct ParticleSystem *psys, int mode);
extern void (*BKE_particle_batch_cache_free_cb)(struct ParticleSystem *psys);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __BKE_PARTICLE_H__ */