Avril flanchan

Order files by their timestamps

Updated 9 hours ago

Real-time imageboard w/ hacks

Updated 2 days ago

chacha20_poly1305 encryption CLI tool

Updated 2 months ago

Creating and managing memory mappings over an arbitrary file-descriptor holding object in Rust.

Updated 3 months ago

collect all of standard input until its end, then output it all of it at once to standard output.

Updated 4 months ago

RNG command line utils

Updated 4 months ago

Small byte-sized generic key-value map type for Rust

Updated 5 months ago

A safe library for allocating arbitrarily sized data on the stack at runtime in Rust.

Updated 6 months ago

pipes stdin to stdout with a throttle (slowdown) rate specified by user. rate may be static or jitter to emulate a network connection or similar non-constant rate pipe.

Updated 7 months ago

statically sized, stack allocated `String` for Rust.

Updated 8 months ago

Parallel hashing of data.

Updated 8 months ago

Various cryptography helpers for Rust

Updated 8 months ago

reverses all collected input from arguments or stdin lines, then outputs it (configurably) line by line to stdout

Updated 8 months ago

creates configurable and usable in-memory `/proc//fds/`s to pass as files to program arguments for reading and/or writing from other spawned process' pipes.

Updated 8 months ago

collection of CL util functions that may be useful or not

Updated 8 months ago