Avril flanchan

Polyfill IFUNC `memfd_secret()` syscall stub, with fallback for non-enabled systems.

Updated 2 days ago

reverses all collected input from arguments or stdin lines, then outputs it (configurably) line by line to stdout

Updated 2 weeks ago

chacha20_poly1305 encryption CLI tool

Updated 3 weeks ago

Small byte-sized generic key-value map type for Rust

Updated 6 months ago

Code used for generating `https://flanchan.moe/canary.txt`

Updated 8 months ago

A terminal progress bar renderer with status and spinners in Rust.

Updated 9 months ago

Securely read a user password with extensible ruling and processing options, than write it asymmetrically encrypted to an output stream or file. Intended for use by other processes for secure process spawning-based IPC user password reading, hashing, or key-derivation. A simpler and easier to use `pinentry` replacement.

Updated 11 months ago

An ergonomic, constexpr-constructed C++ library for argument parsing, defining highly extensible parsing rules at compile-time that can be executed at runtime with a C API.

Updated 11 months ago

Creating and managing memory mappings over an arbitrary file-descriptor holding object in Rust.

Updated 1 year ago

collect all of standard input until its end, then output it all of it at once to standard output.

Updated 1 year ago

3 pass byte shuffler/unshuffler

Updated 1 year ago

automatic copy-on-write memory slices for C

Updated 1 year ago


Updated 1 year ago

Collection of small utilities for Rust

Updated 1 year ago

Order files by their timestamps

Updated 1 year ago