Lolibooru randomiser
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Pulls random images from lolibooru.

require("hashloli").randomise(function(datas) {
datas.forEach(function(data) {
if(data) {
let file_url = data.file_url;
//Do stuff

} else {

randomise() can take a second argument to specify configuration. The default is
new require("hashloli").Config();
See randomise.js for an example.

Command line usage:
node randomise.js [--verbose] [--debug] [--range=<range>] [--number=<number>] [--page=<page>] [<tags ...>]
Echos either the file url or `undefined' if there was an error. Echos full data in JSON if --verbose is supplied, also prints debug and error messages if --debug is supplied.
The default range is 5.
The default number is 1.
The default (max) page is 150.
If the number exceeds the range then the range is set equal to the number.

More advanced example:
node randomise.js --verbose --page=10 --number=5 flandre_scarlet blush

Npm dependancies: