Go-like deferring of function calls for Rust
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Small library for defering the running of function until the end of a block.


It is similar to marker types, useful for adding destructors into structs that you don't want to implement Drop on themselves, and also for deferring function calls.

Extra destructors

To add a destructor into a struct without needing to implement Drop on the struct itself (which can have some of its own issues, such as losing the ability for partial moves), we can use PhantomDrop as a field in the structure. Note that when doing this, since closure types are opaque, the field may need to be sized.


Similar to the defer mechanism in Go, we can use this to defer the calling of functions

fn do_something()
 let _guard = phantomdrop::defer(|| println!("Hello!"));
 // do some work
} // "Hello!" will now be printed when the function returns or unwinds (unless unwinds are disabled).

Holding data

The guard can also hold a value

fn do_something(print: String)
let _guard = PhantomDrop::new(print, |string| println!("Dropped: {}", string));
// do some work
} // `print` will now be printed here.


We can also capture a value, by reference, mutable reference, or moving. Both holding a value within the guard and a capturing closure can be used at the same time.

fn do_something(print: String)
let _guard = phantomdrop::defer(move || println!("Dropped: {}", print)); // Moves `print` into itself.
// do some work
} // `print` will now be printed here.

fn do_something_by_reference(print: String)
let _guard = phantomdrop::defer(|| println!("Dropped: {}", print)); // Holds an immutable reference to `print`.
let trimmed = print.trim(); // Can still be used
} // `print` will now be printed here.

fn do_something_by_mutable_reference(print: &mut String)
let _guard = phantomdrop::defer(|| *print = String::from("Dropped")); // Holds a mutable reference to `print`.
} // `print` will now be set to "Dropped" here.


GPL'd with <3