RTBW Python version
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Real-Time Board Watcher - Python(3) version

This is a configurable script that monitors new posts from 4chan board(s) in various ways with support for daemonisation and JSON output.
For a list of dependencies read DEPS.

NOTE: This is designed as a `backend' and not intended for human-readable output; unless you like reading JSON.
NOTE2: By default comments and subjects are not saved (SLV_NOTEXT), I will make this configurable from the command eventually but look at changing StripLevel in the script to change what information is lossily compressed for now.

-- Script --

python3 rtbw.py <board> <interval (in seconds)>

Supported options:
--buffer <buffer>: Specify a file buffer instead of using memory, can be useful if you plan on keeping large records/archives. (Uhh, it's a little unstable at the moment sorry)
--daemon <socket>: Start in daemon mode (see below).
--api <url>: Change the 4chan API url. Can be used to specify the SSL API instead of the plaintext one. The default value is http://api.4chan.org/%s/ (`%s' is required for the board)
--debug: Set the debug flag. Various changes, most useful for starting the daemon without forking.

-- Daemon control --

The daemon listens only on an AF_UNIX socket. Specify the socket file when starting the daemon. (NOTE: It must not exist already)
To control the daemon use rtbwctl.py. All output is in JSON and most commands have no output.
There is no need to keep a PID file since the script forks itself and can be shut down internally. (unless --debug flag is on)

python3 rtbwctl.py <socket> <command>

Supported options:
--data <data>: get and get-clear commands require a minimum post number. Specify 0 for everything. Other commands do not require this.

Supported commands:
get: Return all posts after the specified post.
clear: Purge whole buffer.
get-clear: Return all posts and purge the buffer atomically. (You should use this insted of just get and then clear to prevent race conditions)
stop: Shut down the daemon.
pause: Keep listening but stop archiving.
resume: Restart after a pause
info: Return JSON object containing info about the daemon.

There are also a bunch of scripts for quick starting and controlling the daemon (conf/* contains config for these)

In production at https://flanchan.moe/rtbw/