Ad-hoc stack vector types for Rust
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stack-vec - Ad-hoc stack vectors

This crate defines the macro stack![], which can be used to create ad-hoc Vec<T> like structs of a specific compile-time size on the stack.

These structs never allocate on the heap, and expose an API similar to Vec<T>.


The macro can be used like vec!, with optional type inference.

let sv = stack![100]; // Implicitly typed. Will cause a type inference error if the compiler cannot find the type of `sv` later.
let sv = stack![usize; 100]; // Explicitly typed, circumvents that error.

To see documentation of the types themselves, see one of the pre-defined StackVec types in the crate's root.

Pre-defined types

StackVec types of powers of 2 up until 4096 are defined in this crate too. You can use the macro to create your own named non-opaque StackVec types as well.

stack!(pub type S10Elements S10IntoIter 10); // A `StackVec` type with a capacity of 10.